GLOBAL DATACE711948-carriers-BODNTER’s human resources mission is to serve as the link between prospective employees and the institution, in an attempt to recruit and hire the most qualified individuals with disregard to race, ethnicity, age, sex, religion, or disability. Within GLOBAL DATACENTER, INC., the Human Resources department also acts as a liaison between the institution and the employee to inform, motivate, educate, and train in all matters relating to employment, and employee benefits. We strive to enthusiastically and professionally exhibit a positive image of our company, thereby creating a desire to become, and remain an integral part of GLOBAL DATACENTER, INC.

GLOBAL DATACENTER, INC is a fast growing high-technology corporation. Our corporate headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Newport Beach, California U.S.A. For those individuals who want to grow and succeed with a highly professional company, please e-mail your resume


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